National Apprenticeship Week

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?
I was not initially looking for an Apprenticeship, however once I saw this vacancy, I was keen to find out more. I was excited about being able to learn, work towards a qualification and also earn in my job. I feel that an Apprenticeship will improve my learning and enable me to further my career in Accounting.

What did you expect and has it been what you expected?
It has been quite different to what I expected.  I thought I would be in the classroom a lot, but I only go to college once a month.  A lot of emphasis with my Apprenticeship is placed on skills and behaviours in the workplace, and the end point assessment consists of: a portfolio of work created over the duration of the Apprenticeship; a 15-minute discussion; a knowledge test and an interview situation.  I thought there would be more exams and knowledge learning.

How have you juggled your learning and work effectively?
Handling learning and working has been tough at times, particularly during our busy period in the run up to Christmas. I have completed a lot of my work at home as well as the time I have been given at work.  The team have really supported me with this.

What now? Next steps?
I am currently on my second assignment and once I have completed this Apprenticeship, towards the end of the year, I hope to be in a position to move on to a level 4 qualification in Accounting.

What are the key benefits you have experienced, thanks to an apprenticeship?
I have been encouraged to learn about, and understand, my own organisation. This has been incredibly useful during my time at work to date.  Gaining a deeper understanding of how HB Projects (the processes and systems) works has allowed me to contribute more on a daily basis.

Would you recommend apprenticeships to others? If so, why?
Absolutely. University isn’t for everyone, for example, some people learn better on the job. An Apprenticeship is a great way to gain qualifications whilst getting real experience…and getting paid.